Memorable One Hit Wonders of 1977: Pop Songs Trivia and Lists

1977 One Hit Wonders & Artists Known For One Song

All The Kids On The Street
The Hollywood Stars
The Hollywood Stars were part of the glam scene on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles in the 1970s.
Angel In Your Arms
Hot was an American vocal trio that scored a Billboard number-one hit in 1977. The group’s members were Cathy Carson, Juanita Curiel, and Gwen Owens.
Dean Friedman
Dean Friedman is an American singer-songwriter known for his character-based compositions that meld pop and jazz influences.
Black Betty
Ram Jam
Ram Jam was an American rock band that was active in the late 1970s, best known for their 1977 hit “Black Betty.”
Dazz Band is an American R&B, funk band most popular in the early 1980s. They won a Grammy in 1982 for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.
Cody Jameson
Cody Jameson is an American country and folk artist, who released several singles in the 1970s.
C.B. Savage
Rod Hart
Rod Hart was an American country music singer and songwriter known for his truck-driving songs.
Robin Trower
Robin Trower is an English rock guitarist who achieved success with Procol Harum in the 1960s before embarking on a solo career.
Capture Your Heart
Blue was a Scottish pop rock band, active from 1973 until 1977, consisting of Hugh Nicholson, Ian MacMillan, David Nicholson, and Charlie Smith.
Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
Idris Muhammad
Idris Muhammad was an American jazz drummer who recorded extensively with many musicians, including Ahmad Jamal, Lou Donaldson, Pharoah Sanders, and Tete Montoliu.
Dance and Shake Your Tambourine
Universal Robot Band
The Universal Robot Band was an American ensemble formed by producers Greg Carmichael and Patrick Adams. They were active in the late 1970s.
Dance Little Lady Dance
Danny White
Danny White is an American singer, primarily active during the 1960s and 1970s, with several regional hits in the Southern United States.
Dancin’ Man
Q was a dance music project led by the musician and DJ, Richie Rome.
Anson Williams
Anson Williams is an American actor and director best known for his role as Potsie Weber on the TV series Happy Days. He also pursued a singing career.
Disco Lucy
Wilton Place Street Band
The Wilton Place Street Band was a studio disco unit headed by producer, arranger and composer Barry Goldberg.
The Lovers
The Lovers was a one-time disco studio project, formed by songwriter/producers Pete Bellotte and Stefan Wisnet.
Do You Wanna Make Love
Peter McCann
Peter McCann is an American singer and songwriter who reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 with this song in 1977.
Don’t Give Up On Us
David Soul
David Soul is an American-British actor and singer, best known for his role as Detective Ken “Hutch” Hutchinson in the television program Starsky & Hutch.
Don’t Leave Me This Way
Thelma Houston
Thelma Houston was born on May 7, 1946 in Leland, Mississippi, USA.
Samantha Sang
Samantha Sang is an Australian pop singer who had an international hit with this song in 1978.
(Every Time I Turn Around) I’m Back In Love Again
L.T.D. is an American R&B and funk band that was particularly active in the 1970s. Jeffrey Osborne was the drummer and lead vocalist.
Fire Sign
Cory is an American R&B singer who achieved minor chart success in the 1970s.
Steve Sperry
Steve Sperry is an American rock musician with minor success in the mid-1970s.
Float On
The Floaters
The Floaters are an American R&B/soul group that formed in 1976. Their self-titled debut album was their most successful release.
For Elise
The Philharmonics
The Philharmonics are a classical ensemble that has performed at prestigious venues such as the Vienna State Opera.
God Save the Queen
The Sex Pistols
The Sex Pistols were an English punk rock band that were influential in establishing the punk movement in the United Kingdom and inspiring many later punk and alternative rock musicians.
Gonna Fly Now
Bill Conti
Bill Conti is an American composer and conductor best known for his film scores, including the “Rocky” series.
Good Thing Man
Frank Lucas
Frank Lucas is an American R&B musician who achieved minor success in the mid-1970s.
Heard It In A Love Song
Marshall Tucker Band
The Marshall Tucker Band is an American rock band from South Carolina known for incorporating blues, country, and jazz elements into their music.
Heaven on the 7th Floor
Paul Nicholas
Paul Nicholas is an English actor and singer who achieved success on stage and screen before launching a pop career.
Heaven’s Just A Sin Away
The Kendalls
The Kendalls were an American country music duo, father Royce Kendall and daughter Jeannie Kendall. They are best known for their 1977 hit “Heaven’s Just a Sin Away”.
Here Comes Summer
Wildfire is an American country and bluegrass band, known for their energetic live performances.
I Just Can’t Say To You
Parker McGee
Parker McGee was an American singer-songwriter best known for writing “I Just Can’t Say No to You”, a 1976 hit for England Dan & John Ford Coley.
I Think We’re Alone Now
The Rubinoos
The Rubinoos are an American power pop band that formed in 1970. They are known for their catchy melodies and strong harmonies.
It Ain’t Love
Tom Powers
Tom Powers is an American singer-songwriter best known for his work in the 1970s.
It’s In His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song)
Kate Taylor
Kate Taylor is an American singer-songwriter, best known for being the sister of James Taylor and having a Top 50 hit in 1971 with a cover of “It’s In His Kiss”.
Jeans On
David Dundas
David Dundas is a British actor and singer best known for his 1976 hit single “Jeans On”. He later became Lord Dundas.
Let’s Clean Up The Ghetto
Philadelphia International All Stars
The Philadelphia International All Stars were a supergroup formed from various artists on the Philadelphia International Records label.
Love Bug
Bumble Bee Band
The Bumble Bee Band is an American band known for its mix of pop, rock, and funk influences.
Love In ‘C’ Minor
Heart and Soul Orchestra
The Heart and Soul Orchestra was an American disco ensemble active in the late 1970s.
Love Me One More Time (Just For Old Times Sake)
Karen Nelson and Billy T
Karen Nelson and Billy T were an American pop duo best known for their harmonized vocals.
Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Buffett is an American singer-songwriter best known for his music which often portrays an “island escapism” lifestyle, and the often humorous things he has experienced throughout his life.
Marquee Moon
Television is an American rock band, formed in New York City in 1973, known for their innovative contribution to punk and new wave.
My Pearl
Automatic Man
Automatic Man was an American 1970s progressive rock quartet from San Francisco. Their music blended elements of rock, funk and jazz.
Native New Yorker
Odyssey is originally a New York-based disco band, that reached the top of the UK charts with “Native New Yorker” during the disco boom of the late 1970s.
Old Fashioned Boy (You’re The One)
Stallion was a British pop band of the mid-1970s featuring the lead vocals of singer-songwriter Phil Pickett.
Part Time Love
Kerry Chater
Kerry Chater is a Canadian musician and songwriter. He was a founding member of the 1960s Canadian band, The Collectors.
Platinum Heroes
Bruce Foster
An American keyboardist, Bruce Foster played the piano intro on the Kiss song “Beth”.
Prisoner (Captured By Your Eyes)
L.A. Jets
The L.A. Jets were an American pop rock band who gained a small following in the late 1970s.
Red Hot
Robert Gordon & Link Wray
Robert Gordon is an American rockabilly musician. Link Wray was an American rock and roll guitarist, best known for the instrumental hit “Rumble”.
Rock and Roll Star
Champagne was a Dutch pop band, active in the 1970s, who had a number of hits including “Rock and Roll Star”.
Mr. Big
Mr Big were a British pop rock band, active in the 1970s and 1990s. They were formed by Jeff Pain (aka Dicken) and best known for their 1977 Top 5 hit, “Romeo”.
Sailing Ships
Mesa was an American rock band from the late 1970s, known for their fusion of rock and jazz elements.
Save Me
Donna McDaniel
Donna McDaniel is an American soul singer who achieved minor chart success in the late 1970s.
Since I Fell For You / I’m Falling In Love
Hodges, James and Smith
Hodges, James and Smith were an American vocal ensemble that achieved modest success in the 1970s.
Six Packs A Day
Billy Lemmons
Billy Lemmons was a country singer active in the late 70s, known for his honky-tonk style.
Slow Dancing
Funky Kings
The Funky Kings were a short-lived American country rock supergroup in the late 1970s.
Smoke From A Distant Fire
Sanford Townsend Band
The Sanford Townsend Band was an American rock and roll band from Alabama, best known for this hit song.
Facts Of Life
The Facts of Life was a contemporary R&B and soul music group from the late 1970s.
Spring Rain
Silvetti was an Argentine-born Spanish musician and record producer, known in the disco scene for his lush and melodic style.
Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band
Meco is an American record producer and musician, known for his disco versions of film music themes, particularly this Star Wars song.
Stone Cold Sober
Crawler was a British rock band active in the late 70s, known for their blues-influenced sound.
Sub Rosa Subway/Call Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
Klaatu was a Canadian rock group that caused a stir in the late 70s when they were mistakenly thought to be a secret reunion of The Beatles.
Celi Bee and the Buzzy Bunch
Celi Bee and the Buzzy Bunch were a disco band from the 70s, headed by Puerto Rican singer Celi Bee.
Take This Job and Shove It
Johnny Paycheck
Johnny Paycheck was a country music singer famous for his music’s rebellious, blue-collar ethos.
Telephone Man
Meri Wilson
Meri Wilson was a model-turned-singer who had a Top 5 hit with this novelty song in 1977.
Theme From ‘New York, New York’
Liza Minelli
Liza Minelli is an American actress and singer, the daughter of Judy Garland, who won an Academy Award for her performance in Cabaret.
Theme From Rocky
Current was a pop band in the 70s best known for their soundtrack work.
Time Bomb
Lake is a German-British rock music group that formed in 1973, known for their progressive and hard rock style.
Too Hot To Handle
UFO is a British rock band that was formed in 1968, known for their heavy metal sound.
Undercover Angel
Alan O’Day
Alan O’Day was an American singer-songwriter best known for this #1 hit song in 1977.
Up Your Nose
Gabriel Kaplan
Gabriel Kaplan is an American comedian, actor, and professional poker player, best known for his role in the sitcom “Welcome Back, Kotter”.
Wake Up and Be Somebody
Brainstorm was an American funk and R&B band, active in the late 1970s, known for their fusion of funk, pop, and soul elements.
White Bird
David LaFlamme
David LaFlamme is an American virtuoso violinist and singer, best known as the frontman for the band It’s a Beautiful Day.
You Light Up My Life
Debbie Boone
Debbie Boone is an American singer, author, and actress who rose to fame in 1977 when she topped the Billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks with this song.
You Light Up My Life
Kacey Cisyk
Kacey Cisyk was an American soprano known for her contributions to commercials and films, who originally recorded this song for the film’s soundtrack.


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