The Number One Hits of 1920

Dec 5, 1919 – Jan 16, 1920
Henry Burr
Oh! What A Pal Was Mary
Henry Burr was a Canadian singer and early recording pioneer known for his tenor voice.
Oh! What A Pal Was Mary is a sentimental song composed by Pete Wendling, with lyrics by Edgar Leslie and Bert Kalmar.
Jan 17, 1920 – Jan 30, 1920
Al Jolson
I’ve Got My Captain Working For Me Now
Al Jolson, born Asa Yoelson, was an American singer, comedian, and actor called “The World’s Greatest Entertainer.”
The song was composed by Irving Berlin, telling a humorous story about a former boss now working under his employee.
Jan 31 – Apr 30, 1920
Ben Selvin’s Novelty Orchestra
Ben Selvin was an American musician, bandleader, and record producer known for his prolific output of dance band recordings.
Dardanella was a popular instrumental composed by Felix Bernard and Johnny S. Black, with lyrics by Fred Fisher.
May 1, 1920 – May 7, 1920
Edith Day
Alice Blue Gown
Edith Day was an American actress and singer known for her work in musical theatre.
Alice Blue Gown is a waltz composed by Harry Tierney with lyrics by Joseph McCarthy from the musical “Irene.”
May 8, 1920 – Jul 2, 1920
Al Jolson
Al Jolson was one of the most popular performers of his time and a major influence on the development of the modern American musical.
Swanee is a song composed by George Gershwin with lyrics by Irving Caesar, inspired by the Southern United States.
Jul 3, 1920 – Aug 6, 1920
Ted Lewis and His Band
When My Baby Smiles At Me
Ted Lewis was an American entertainer, bandleader, and clarinetist known for his catchphrase, “Is everybody happy?”
When My Baby Smiles At Me was composed by Bill Munro with lyrics by Ted Lewis and Andrew B. Sterling.
Aug 7, 1920 – Sep 17, 1920
Art Hickman
Hold Me
Art Hickman was an American pianist and bandleader who played a significant role in developing big-band jazz.
Hold Me is a romantic song composed by Art Hickman and Harry Williams.
Sep 18, 1920 – Sep 24, 1920
John Steel
The Love Nest
John Steel was an American tenor known for his work in Broadway musicals and early recordings.
The Love Nest is a song composed by Louis A. Hirsch with lyrics by Otto Harbach from the musical “Mary.”
Sep 25, 1920 – Oct 15, 1920
Marion Harris
St. Louis Blues
Marion Harris was an American singer and actress who was one of the earliest white performers to popularize blues songs.
St. Louis Blues is a classic blues song written by W.C. Handy that combines the blues structure with tango and habanera rhythms.
Oct 16, 1920 – Oct 29, 1920
Art Hickman
The Love Nest
Art Hickman’s influence on the development of the big band sound was significant, and he was a prolific bandleader in the 1920s and 30s.
The Love Nest is a popular song from the musical “Mary,” which showcases Hickman’s talent for composing romantic tunes.
Oct 30, 1920 – Dec 10, 1920
Paul Whiteman
Paul Whiteman was an American bandleader and orchestral director, often called the “King of Jazz.”
Whispering is a popular song composed by John Schonberger with lyrics by Malvin Schonberger and Richard Coburn.
Dec 11, 1920 – Jan 28, 1921
Paul Whiteman
The Japanese Sandman
Paul Whiteman was known for elevating jazz to a respected art form and blending classical and popular music elements.
The Japanese Sandman is an instrumental song composed by Richard A. Whiting with lyrics by Raymond B. Egan, inspired by Eastern culture.

The Biggest Pop Artists of 1920 include:
Nora Bayes, Paul Biese Trio, Henry Burr, Frank Crumit, Marion Harris, Charles Harrison, Charles Hart, Art Hickman and His Orchestra, Lewis James, Al Jolson, Isham Jones and His Orchestra, Irving Kaufman, Ted Lewis and His Band, John McCormack, Billy Murray, Peerless Quartet, Prince’s Orchestra, Ben Selvin, Joseph C. Smith, John Steel, Van & Schenck, Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra, Bert Williams

Charts based on Billboard music charts.

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