1961 One Hit Wonders & Artists Known For One Song

A Cross Stands Alone
Jimmy Witter
Jimmy Witter, a relatively unknown artist, released a small number of records in the early 1960s, each of which has now become highly sought after by collectors.
A Dollar Down
The Limeliters
The Limeliters are an American folk music group, formed in July 1959 by Lou Gottlieb (bass violin/bass), Alex Hassilev (banjo/baritone), and Glenn Yarbrough (guitar/tenor). The group was active until 1965.
A Little Bit Of Soap
The Jarmels
The Jarmels were an American doo-wop/rhythm and blues group that had their greatest chart success in 1961. The group was composed of Nathaniel Ruff, Paul Burnett, Ray Smith, Earl Christian, and Tom Eldridge.
A Lover’s Question
Ernestine Anderson
Ernestine Anderson was an American jazz and blues singer. In a career spanning more than six decades, she received four Grammy nominations.
And The Heavens Cried
Ronnie Savoy
Ronnie Savoy, a relatively obscure artist, was known for his rich, deep voice. His records are now considered collector’s items.
Anniversary Of Love
The Casions
The Casions were a doo-wop group that came to light in the early 1960s. Not much is known about them outside their few released records.
Jorgen Ingmann & His Guitar
Jørgen Ingmann was a musician from Denmark. He won the 1963 Eurovision Song Contest representing Denmark with his wife, Grethe Ingmann.
Asia Minor
Kokomo is actually a pseudonym for pianist Jimmy Wisner who had a No. 8 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1961 with this instrumental tune.
Baby Oh Baby
The Shells
The Shells were an American doo-wop ensemble formed in Brooklyn in 1956, led by Nate Bouknight (aka “Little Nat”).
Back Beat No. 1
The Rondels
The Rondels were an instrumental rock and roll band from Boston, Massachusetts, that was popular in the 1960s.
Barbara Ann
The Regents
The Regents were a doo-wop vocal group from New York in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Their song “Barbara Ann” was covered by The Beach Boys.
Better Tell Him No
The Starlets
The Starlets were a 1960s girl group from Chicago. Before their dissolution, the group underwent several line-up changes, and they were also known as The Lovettes and The Gems.
Black Land Farmer
Frankie Miller
Frankie Miller was a country musician known for his rich baritone voice and his ability to convey true emotion in his songs.
Blue Moon
Herb Lance and the Classics
Herb Lance was a popular R&B singer in the 1950s. He was known for his deep baritone voice.
Neil Scott
Neil Scott (born Neil C. Scott) was an American rock and roll singer who had a minor hit with the song “Bobby” in 1961.
Can’t Help Lovin’ That Girl Of Mine
The Excels
The Excels were a doo-wop group from Detroit, formed in 1959.
The Sevilles
The Sevilles were a Los Angeles doo-wop group. Their record “Charlena” was their biggest hit and remains a popular doo-wop classic.
Cherry Berry Wine
Charlie McCoy
Charlie McCoy is a renowned American session musician noted mainly for his harmonica performance but also for his skill on a wide variety of instruments.
Chills and Fever
Ronnie Love
Ronnie Love was an American R&B singer, active in the late 1950s and early 1960s. His song “Chills and Fever” was later covered by Tom Jones.
Come On Over
The Strollers
The Strollers were an American garage rock band from the 1960s.
Dear Mister D.J. Play It Again
Tina Robin
Tina Robin was a versatile singer, adept at singing pop, jazz, and R&B. She began her career singing with bands in Catskill Mountain resorts.
Dedicated To The Songs I Love
The 3 Friends
The 3 Friends were a one-hit-wonder doo-wop group from the 1960s. They are remembered for their song “Blanche”.
Don’t Forget I Love You
The Butanes
The Butanes were a vocal group from Brooklyn. They were signed to the St. Lawrence label in 1961.
Don’t Let Him Shop Around
Debbie Dean
Debbie Dean was the first white female solo singer to record for Motown Records.
Ein Schiff Wird Kommen (A Ship Will Come) Never On Sunday
Lale Anderson
Lale Anderson was a German singer and songwriter, best known for her interpretation of the WWII song “Lili Marleen”.
Foot Stomping
The Flares
The Flares were an American rock and roll group, led by veteran Buck Ram, also known for working with The Platters.
Ghost Riders In The Sky
The Ramrods were an American instrumental rock group in the 1960s, who had a hit with their version of “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky”.
Ginnie Bell
Paul Dino
Paul Dino was a singer and pianist from Nevada. He was signed by United Artists Records in the early 1960s.
Green Grass of Texas
The Texans
The Texans were a one-hit-wonder rock and roll band best known for “Green Grass of Texas”.
Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam)
The Valadiers
The Valadiers were a soul and doo-wop group from Detroit. They were one of the first white groups signed to Motown’s Gordy label.
Heart & Soul
The Cleftones
The Cleftones were a popular doo-wop group in the 1950s and early 1960s, known for blending R&B and pop in their music.
Here’s My Confession
Wyatt Erap McPherson
Information on Wyatt Erap McPherson is sparse; his music seems to exist mostly in the realm of rare and obscure oldies.
Hold Back The Tears
The Delacardos
The Delacardos were a Tennessee-based doo-wop group known for their close-knit harmonies.
Timi Yuro
Timi Yuro was an American singer and songwriter who was known for her powerful voice; she was considered one of the first blue-eyed soul artists.
I Can’t Take It
Mary Ann Fisher
Mary Ann Fisher was a rhythm and blues singer who spent several years touring with Ray Charles as one of the Raelettes.
I Lied To My Heart
The Enchanters
The Enchanters were a doo-wop group from Brooklyn, New York. They had a regional hit with “I Lied To My Heart”.
I Like It Like That
Chris Kenner
Chris Kenner was an American R&B singer and songwriter, best known for writing hits “I Like It Like That” and “Land of 1000 Dances”.
I Love How You Love Me
The Paris Sisters
The Paris Sisters were a girl group with a particularly soft and dreamy style, often cited as a precursor to the “girl group” sounds popularized in the mid-1960s.
I Really Love You
The Stereos
The Stereos were a doo-wop group from Steubenville, Ohio, best known for their song “I Really Love You”.
The Paragons
The Paragons were a ska and rocksteady vocal group from Jamaica, often associated with Duke Reid’s “Treasure Isle” record label.
I’ll Just Have A Cup Of Coffee (Then I’ll Go)
Claude Gray
Claude Gray is a country singer and songwriter, noted for his smooth vocal style.
I’m A Fool To Care
Oscar Black
Information on Oscar Black is not readily available, indicating his music resides largely in the realm of rare oldies.
Hank Levine
Hank Levine was an American conductor, composer, and arranger, best known for his work in film and television.
Frankie Calen
Frankie Calen is a fairly obscure artist, with little information readily available. His music is often categorized under rare oldies.
Jukebox Saturday Night
Nino and the Ebb Tides
Formed in the Bronx, New York, Nino and the Ebb Tides was a doo-wop group that was led by Antonio “Nino” Aiello.
La Panchanga
Audrey Arno
Audrey Arno was a German singer and actress who achieved popularity during the 1960s, particularly in France.
Late Date
The Parkays
The Parkays were a garage rock band from Chicago known for their soulful sound.
Lost Love
H.B. Barnum
H.B. Barnum is an American pianist, arranger, record producer, songwriter, and former child actor who had a minor hit as a singer.
Lover’s Island
The Blue Jays
The Blue Jays were a doo-wop ensemble from Venice, California, best known for this song which reached number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Bob Moore
Bob Moore is an American session musician, orchestra leader, and bassist who was part of the Nashville A-Team of session players in the 1950s and 1960s.
Miss Fine
The New Yorkers
The New Yorkers were an American rock and roll and doo-wop group from the 1960s, one of many that enjoyed regional popularity but did not break nationally.
Ernie K. Doe
Ernie K-Doe was an American rhythm-and-blues singer best known for his 1961 hit single “Mother-in-Law”, which went to number 1 on the Billboard pop chart in the U.S.
The Halos
The Halos were an American doo wop group from the Bronx, who backed up Curtis Lee on the hit single “Pretty Little Angel Eyes”.
No, No, No
The Chanters
The Chanters were an American doo-wop group from Queens, New York, known for their lush vocal harmonies.
Oh Mein Papa
Dick Lee
Dick Lee is a British singer known for his unique covers of popular songs.
Once Upon A Time
Rochell & The Candles
Rochell & The Candles was an American doo-wop group composed of four high school friends who achieved fame in the early 1960s.
Rick and the Keens
Rick and the Keens were a doo-wop and rock n’ roll band who gained moderate success with their song “Peanuts”.
Peppermint Twist
Danny Peppermint
Danny Peppermint was an American pop singer, best known for his recording of “Peppermint Twist”, which was a popular dance style in the early 1960s.
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Pat Zill
Pat Zill was a country music singer known for his rich, deep voice and his interpretation of popular country and western songs.
Pitter – Patter
The Four Horsemen
The Four Horsemen were an American doo-wop group known for their soulful harmonies and rhythmic style.
Please Love Me Forever
Cathy Jean and The Roommates
Cathy Jean and The Roommates were a successful American doo-wop group known for their pop-friendly sound.
Pomp and Circumstance
Adrian Kimberly
Adrian Kimberly, real name Don Everly, was a member of the Everly Brothers. He recorded this instrumental version of Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1” under a pseudonym.
Pretty Little Angel Eyes
Curtis Lee
Curtis Lee was an American singer of early rockabilly music, produced by Phil Spector.
Rama Lama Ding Dong
The Edsels
The Edsels, a Doo-wop group, were named after the Ford Edsel, which was an infamous automobile model from the Ford Motor Company.
Roll Over Beethoven
The Velaires
The Velaires were an American rock and roll band from Sioux City, Iowa, best known for their Top 40 hit cover of this Chuck Berry classic.
Marcy Joe
Marcy Joe was a popular American singer during the 1960s who became a music teacher later in life.
Run, Run, Run
Ronny Douglas
Ronny Douglas was an American pop singer who was active during the late 1950s and early 1960s.
Jack Eubanks
Jack Eubanks was a renowned session guitarist based out of Nashville who also recorded several instrumental albums.
Louis Brown
Louis Brown was an R&B singer from the early 1960s who had a few charting singles but remained largely unknown.
The Blossoms
The Blossoms were an American girl group who were prolific session singers and also recorded as a standalone act. Darlene Love, a successful solo artist, was a member of this group.
Soothe Me
Sims Twins
The Sims Twins, also known as Bobby and Kenneth, were an American soul duo from Elba, Alabama, known for their harmonious singing.
The Preludes Five
The Preludes Five was a lesser-known Doo-wop group from the 1960s. Their record releases are considered collector’s items.
Stick Shift
The Duals
The Duals were a one-hit-wonder with “Stick Shift”, an instrumental hit. They were the first interracial rock and roll duo.
Sugar Bee
Cleveland Crochet
Cleveland Crochet was a Cajun fiddler from Louisiana, whose “Sugar Bee” became the first Cajun record to reach the Billboard pop charts.
Summer Souvenirs
Karl Hammel Jr.
Karl Hammel Jr. is largely known for this song, which has become a rare collectible in the Northern Soul scene.
Take Five
Dave Brubeck Quartet
The Dave Brubeck Quartet was one of the pioneering groups in cool jazz, and their album “Time Out”, where “Take Five” is from, was the first ever million-selling jazz LP.
That’s The Way With Love
Piero Soffici
Piero Soffici was an Italian-born American musician known for his contributions to pop music as a producer, composer, and arranger.
The Astronaut
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez is a fictional character created by comedian Bill Dana. He released a number of comedic spoken-word pieces in the 1960s.
The Continental Walk
The Rollers
The Rollers were an early 60s R&B group. They were one of many groups who recorded a dance-named track during the dance craze of the early 1960s.
The Lonely Crowd
Teddy Vann
Teddy Vann was an accomplished songwriter and producer, known for his work with artists such as The Platters and Johnny Thunder.
This Time
Troy Shondell
Troy Shondell is a singer and songwriter who sold over one million copies of his 1961 hit single “This Time”.
This World We Live In
Mina is an Italian pop singer, considered the queen of Italian pop for her vocal range and musical impact in the country.
Those Oldies But Goodies Remind Me of You
Little Caesar and the Romans
Little Caesar and the Romans were an American doo-wop group known for using nostalgia in their songs, as seen in their biggest hit.
Three Hearts In A Tangle
Roy Drusky
Roy Drusky was an American country music singer popular during the 1960s known for his baritone voice. He was also a radio announcer and actor.
Tossin’ and Turnin’
Bobby Lewis
Bobby Lewis was an American rock and roll and R&B singer, known for his high energy performances. His single “Tossin’ and Turnin'” was Billboard’s number-one single for 1961.
Tunes of Glory Theme
The Cambridge Strings
The Cambridge Strings were a British orchestra, popular in the 1960s, known for their film and television soundtrack recordings.
The Frogmen
The Frogmen were a surf group in the early ’60s. They gained fame with this instrumental, which has been used in several films and commercials over the years.
Up A Lazy River
Si Zentner
Si Zentner was an American trombonist and big band leader. He is best known for his work in the big band jazz and swing styles, and he won a Grammy in 1961.
Walkin’ Back To Happiness
Helen Shapiro
Helen Shapiro is a British pop singer, who at just fourteen, had UK chart success and is known for her mature and “sensible” image.
Watch Your Step
Bobby Parker
Bobby Parker was an American blues-rock musician known for his influential guitar playing. His song “Watch Your Step” has been covered by artists like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.
What Will I Tell My Heart
The Harptones
The Harptones were a prominent R&B vocal group in the 1950s, noted for their polished performances and lead singer Willie Winfield’s soaring tenor voice.
When We Get Married
The Dreamlovers
The Dreamlovers were an American doo-wop group from Philadelphia, known for their smooth harmonies. Their song “When We Get Married” has been covered by numerous artists.
Who Put The Bomp (In the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)
Barry Mann
Barry Mann is an American songwriter, part of the successful songwriting partnership with his wife, Cynthia Weil. They have written numerous hit songs.
Wishin’ On A Rainbow
Phill Wilson
Phill Wilson is a less-known singer, with “Wishin’ on a Rainbow” being his most recognized track, especially among Northern Soul enthusiasts.
Wizard Of Love
The Ly-Dells
The Ly-Dells were an American doo-wop group in the late 1950s and early 1960s, known for their tight harmonies.
Wooden Heart
Joe Dowell
Joe Dowell was an American pop singer. His rendition of “Wooden Heart” became a big hit in the U.S. in 1961, covering the same song by Elvis Presley.
Yes, I’m Lonesome Tonight
Thelma Carpenter
Thelma Carpenter was a jazz singer and actress, who started her career in the 1930s and is known for being a featured vocalist with big bands.
You Can’t Sit Down
Philip Upchurch Combo
Philip Upchurch is a renowned American jazz and R&B guitarist and bassist, and his Combo’s recording of “You Can’t Sit Down” was a hit in the early 60s.
You’d Better Come Home
Russell Byrd
Russell Byrd was an R&B singer, who recorded “You’d Better Come Home” which became a minor hit and is today a cherished recording among Northern Soul enthusiasts.
Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night
Kenny Dino
Kenny Dino was an American pop singer, best known for this hit song which reached the Billboard Top 30 in 1961.
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