1967 One Hit Wonders & Artists Known For One Song

96 Tears
Big Maybelle
Big Maybelle was a prominent R&B singer of the 1950s whose powerful voice was a major influence on artists like Janis Joplin.
Keith is an American singer best known for his hit “98.6”. His full name is James Barry Keefer and he is often remembered for his boyish good looks and wavy hair.
A Letter To Dad
Every Father’s Teenage Son
Every Father’s Teenage Son was a studio group created by legendary producer George ‘Shadow’ Morton, known for producing The Shangri-Las.
A Visit To A Sad Planet
Leonard Nimoy
Leonard Nimoy, best known as Mr. Spock on “Star Trek,” also had a notable recording career in the 1960s, often singing novelty and spoken word songs.
Alligator Bogaloo
Lou Donaldson
Lou Donaldson is a jazz alto saxophonist who was heavily influenced by Charlie Parker but went on to develop his own bluesy sound.
An Open Letter To My Teenage Son
Victor Lundberg
Victor Lundberg was a radio broadcaster who became a one-hit wonder with “An Open Letter to My Teenage Son”, a spoken word recording.
Believe In Me Baby
Jesse James
Jesse James is a Southern Soul singer best known for his 1970s recordings. He was a versatile vocalist capable of singing deep and smooth uptown soul.
Boogaloo Down Broadway
The Fantastic Johnny C
The Fantastic Johnny C, born Johnny Corley, was a Philadelphia soul singer best known for his hit “Boogaloo Down Broadway”.
Can’t Stop Loving You
The Last Word
The Last Word was an American soul band. They were one of the few acts to release a single on the Bunky record label.
Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead
The Fifth Estate
The Fifth Estate is an American rock band, originally formed in Connecticut as The D-Men, best known for their adaptation of “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead”.
Don’t Do It
Micky Dolenz
Micky Dolenz is an actor and musician, best known as a member of the pop/rock band The Monkees.
Sally Field
Known as an actress, Sally Field also had a brief music career, releasing two albums, which included the song “Felicidad”.
Fortune Teller
The Hardtimes
The Hardtimes were a garage rock band from the 60s, best known in collector circles for their song “Fortune Teller.”
Friday On My Mind
The Easybeats
The Easybeats were an Australian rock band that became one of the first from their country to achieve international rock success.
Funky Donkey
Pretty Purdie
Bernard “Pretty” Purdie is an influential and innovative funk drummer, known for his precise musical time keeping.
Gallant Men
Senator Everette
Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen was a US politician who had an unexpected hit with his patriotic spoken-word piece “Gallant Men”.
Gimme Some Lovin
Spencer Davis Group
The Spencer Davis Group were a British rock band formed in 1963, and Steve Winwood was a key member before he left to form Traffic.
Georgia Pines
The Candymen
The Candymen were a rock band from the 60s, initially formed as a backing band for Roy Orbison.
Get Down
Harvey Scales
Harvey Scales is an American R&B singer, songwriter, and producer known for his work in the soul, funk, and disco genres.
Girls Are Out To Get You
The Fascinations
The Fascinations were an American pop vocal group most active in the mid-1960s, and one of Curtis Mayfield’s first projects.
The Blades Of Grass
The Blades of Grass were a sunshine pop band active in the 1960s, who had a hit with the song “Happy.”
Hello Hello
The Sopwith Camel
The Sopwith Camel was an American rock band associated with the San Francisco psychedelic rock scene of the late 1960s.
How Can You Mistreat The One You Love
Jean & The Darlings
Jean & The Darlings were a soul vocal trio from Memphis, Tennessee, best known for their recordings at Stax Records in the 1960s.
I (Who Have Nothing)
Terry Knight
Terry Knight was an American rock and roll music producer, promoter, singer, songwriter, and radio personality, who enjoyed some success in radio, modest success as a singer, but phenomenal success as the original manager-producer for Grand Funk Railroad.
I Feel Good
Lewis & Clarke Expedition
The Lewis & Clarke Expedition was an American 1960s pop and folk group, named after the explorers Lewis and Clark. Michael Martin Murphey was a member before he gained fame as a country singer.
I Stand Accused
The Glories
The Glories were a soul and R&B girl group from the 1960s, based in Alabama.
If This Is Love
The Precisions
The Precisions were an American doo-wop and R&B group from Detroit, who were most active in the mid-1960s.
Incense and Peppermints
Strawberry Alarm Clock
Strawberry Alarm Clock is a psychedelic rock band formed in 1967, best known for their hit “Incense and Peppermints”.
It May Be Winter Outside
Felice Taylor
Felice Taylor was an American soul singer, who had chart success in the 1960s with “It May Be Winter Outside”.
It Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman
Whistling Jack Smith
“Whistling” Jack Smith was a British novelty act, whose real name was John O’Neill. The record was actually whistled by musician John O’Neill’s brother, Noel.
It’s A Happening Thing
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy was a psychedelic pop/rock group known for their album “The Great Conspiracy”.
It’s Cold Outside
The Choir
The Choir was an American garage rock band from Cleveland, active in the mid to late 1960s, and is best known for its work in the 1960s as The Choir, particularly the single “It’s Cold Outside”.
Itchycoo Park
Small Faces
The Small Faces were an English rock band from London, notable for their role in the Mod and Psychedelic movements.
Karate Boo Ga Loo
Jerryo was a novelty singer known for his song “Karate Boo-Ga-Loo”, which was part of a dance craze in the 1960s.
The Emperor’s
The Emperor’s were an American soul band from Philadelphia, who recorded a handful of singles in the mid-1960s, one of them being “Karate”.
The Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band
The Baltimore and Ohio Marching Band was a studio project spearheaded by British musician and producer, Paul Leka. They are often associated with the northern soul music scene.
Let It Out
The Hombres
The Hombres were an American garage rock and psychedelic rock band from the mid-1960s, best known for their hit “Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)”.
Little Bit O’ Soul
The Music Explosion
The Music Explosion was a garage rock band from Mansfield, Ohio, best known for their hit, “Little Bit O’Soul”, that topped the charts in the U.S. in 1967.
Lonely Drifter
Pieces Of Eight
Pieces of Eight were a soul and funk band from South Carolina active in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Marlena Shaw
Marlena Shaw is a jazz singer who was the first female vocalist signed by the Blue Note label.
My Girl Josephine
Jerry Jaye
Jerry Jaye, an American country and rockabilly singer, had his biggest hit with “My Girl Josephine”, a Fats Domino cover.
Next Plane To London
The Rose Garden
The Rose Garden was a folk rock band from Los Angeles, known for their hit “Next Plane to London” in 1967.
Niki Hoeky
P.J. Proby
P.J. Proby, an American singer, songwriter, and actor, is a performer who has portrayed Elvis Presley in stage productions.
No Time Like The Right Time
The Blues Project
The Blues Project was a band from the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City, noted for their instrumental prowess and innovative songwriting in the 1960s.
Moby Grape
Moby Grape was a rock band from San Francisco, known for their multi-genre style and strong songwriting contributions from each member.
One By One
John Roberts
John Roberts is an American R&B singer who had a brief career in the 1960s. He is best known for his hit “Sockin’ 1-2-3-4”.
Peas ‘N’ Rice
Freddie McCoy
Freddie McCoy was a soul jazz vibraphonist who was active from the 1960s.
Piece Of My Heart
Erma Franklin
Erma Franklin, elder sister of Aretha Franklin, had a hit with the original version of “Piece of My Heart,” later made famous by Janis Joplin.
Precious Memories
The Romeos
The Romeos were a soul and doo-wop group from Detroit, who were active in the mid to late 1960s.
Run, Run, Run
The Third Rail
The Third Rail was an American pop/rock group made up of studio musicians, best known for their song “Run, Run, Run”.
San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)
Scott McKenzie
Scott McKenzie is best known for his 1967 hit single “San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)”, which has become an enduring anthem of the 1960s counterculture movement.
She Shot A Hole In My Soul
Clifford Curry
Clifford Curry was an American beach music and R&B singer, known for his hit “She Shot a Hole in My Soul”.
Shout Bamalama
Mickey Murray
Mickey Murray was an American singer-songwriter, best known for his 1967 recording of “Shout Bamalama”.
Some Kind Of Wonderful
Soul Brothers Six
Soul Brothers Six were an American rhythm and blues band formed in Rochester, New York during the 1960s, best known for their song “Some Kind of Wonderful”.
Mike Sharpe
Mike Sharpe was a saxophonist known for his instrumental version of the song “Spooky”.
Sunday Will Never Be The Same
Spanky & Our Gang
Spanky & Our Gang was an American 1960s folk-rock band led by Elaine “Spanky” McFarlane, known for their sunshine pop style.
Sweetest One
The Metros
The Metros were a soul vocal group from Detroit, who were signed to the RCA label in the mid 1960s.
Ten Commandments
Prince Buster
Prince Buster was a Jamaican singer-songwriter and producer who was one of the most important figures in the development of ska and rocksteady music.
That Acapulco Gold
The Rainy Daze
The Rainy Daze was a folk rock/psychedelic band from Colorado known for their hit single “That Acapulco Gold”.
The Little Black Egg
The Nightcrawlers
The Nightcrawlers were a garage rock band from Florida best known for their hit “The Little Black Egg”.
The River Is Wide
The Forum
The Forum was an American sunshine pop band from Los Angeles, who were active in the mid to late 1960s.
The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven
Chris Bartley
Chris Bartley was an American R&B singer, best known for his 1967 single, “The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven”.
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
The Casinos
The Casinos were a doo-wop and R&B group from Cincinnati, Ohio, best known for their hit “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye”.
There Goes My Everything
Jack Greene
Jack Greene was a long-time country singer, known for his number one country hit “There Goes My Everything”.
There Must Be A Way
Jimmy Roselli
Jimmy Roselli was one of the most significant Italian-American pop singers of his time, during an era of competition from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Tony Bennett.
They’re Here
Boots Walker
Boots Walker was a radio DJ turned singer, who had a minor hit with the novelty song “They’re Here”.
Tiny Bubbles
Don Ho
Don Ho was an American traditional pop musician, singer, and entertainer, best known for his 1966 hit, “Tiny Bubbles”.
Up – Up & Away
Johnny Mann Singers
The Johnny Mann Singers were an American vocal group led by Johnny Mann, known for their easy-listening and patriotic songs.
Walk Tall
2 of Clubs
2 of Clubs was an American pop duo composed of Linda Parrish and Patti Valentine, known for their hit “Walk Tall”.
Walkin’ Proud
The Pete Klint Quintet
The Pete Klint Quintet was a 1960s rock band from Wisconsin, best known in their region for the song “Walkin’ Proud”.
When The Snow Is On The Roses
Elmo & Almo
Elmo & Almo were a novelty act consisting of two puppets, who had a minor hit with “When The Snow Is On The Roses”.
Where Is The Party
Helena Ferguson
Helena Ferguson was a one-hit wonder with her song “Where is the Party”. Despite her brief recording career, her soulful voice left a lasting impact.
Who Do You Love
The Woolies
The Woolies were an American rock band, best known for their version of the Bo Diddley song “Who Do You Love”.
Wish Me A Rainbow
The Gunter Kallmann Chorus
The Gunter Kallmann Chorus was a German choir known for their blended choral/orchestral sound and their interpretations of popular songs.
Yellow Balloon
The Yellow Balloon
The Yellow Balloon was an American Sunshine pop band from Los Angeles, known for their hit single “Yellow Balloon”.
You’ve Got To Pay The Price
Al Kent
Al Kent, born Al Karasick, was an American record producer and singer-songwriter who achieved success in the soul and R&B genres.
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